Why Taking Software and Hardware Inventory is Critical to Your Business

While taking inventory is especially critical for retail businesses, your company can also benefit from an inventory of its software and hardware assets. The inventory process allows you to become more familiar with your assets, so you can avoid wasting money by duplicating services or paying for resources you don’t need. You'll also have the opportunity to address any hardware and software that isn’t working properly. 

Consider these tips for taking stock of your business’s hardware and software:

Hardware Inventory

Why_Taking_Software_and_Hardware_Inventory_is_Critical_to_Your_Business.jpgAt least once a year, check all hardware in your organization, even if it appears to be working perfectly. Determine which devices are still eligible for warranty or support and find out when those agreements expire. This information can help you plan ahead for any necessary device upgrades, saving you money in the long run.

Document aging or troublesome systems that might require repair or replacement before they cause a serious issue. Preparing for potential repair and upgrade costs helps you stick to your budget by avoiding surprise expenses down the road. 

Software Inventory

Out-of-date or unsupported software could result in security holes that hackers are more than happy to exploit. Such software is more vulnerable to viruses and malware, since it's not receiving updates from the original distributor. Moral of the story: Even smooth-running software could be at risk for security threats, so make sure to examine your software at least annually. 

In addition, beware of automatic software updates that could potentially break key software features your employees use every day. To avoid a disruption in productivity that may hurt your bottom line, it’s essential to vet all software updates before you install them.

Ask for Help When You Need It

An option to upgrade to Windows 10 means it’s the perfect time to take inventory of your business’s software and hardware. However, you should know the process can be tricky for businesses, as it requires a thorough check of compatability with your existing business applications.  The can require a lot of technical know-how and attention to detail. Consulting with an expert you trust can help ensure everything goes smoothly.

Speak With an IT Expert

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