How to Convince Your Boss That Your IT Isn't Cutting It

Is your IT department more of a bottleneck than a benefit to your company? Some 43 percent of companies believe their information technology department slows down their business rather than improving how it runs. If your IT department isn't proactive about solving problems, it can prevent employees from being productive. Here's what your boss needs to hear to get help with IT support.

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Signs You've Got an IT Problem

All businesses today require technologies to communicate, assist customers and complete day to day tasks. Is technology enabling your company to be productive and innovative, or is it a hindrance? If Technology is hurting more than its helping, that's a clear sign that something needs to change.Some IT-related issues can have a drastic impact on your company's profitability. Internet downtime, or unavailability of critical platforms can bring your organization to a complete halt while you wait for service to be restored.

How_to_Convince_Your_Boss_That_Your_IT_Isnt_Cutting_It.jpgAn unresponsive IT support team is a major sign that you're dealing with technology hindrances. Help requests which drag on for four to five days should never be a routine part of working in a technology-dependent environment. In the perfect world, your IT department should be proactive about stopping issues before they occur and enabling technology to be a tool. Ultimately, IT "owns" your technology assets. They should drive improvements and availability, as opposed to being in a state of constantly troubleshooting broken technologies with a massive backlog of help requests.

What Does Your Boss Need to Hear?

Your boss needs to know if you're waiting for critical technologies to be fixed. If email is consistently under performing or you have critical security concerns, these issues should receive immediate attention. The average data breach costs companies over $3 million, which can devastate small and medium-sized businesses. Productivity losses associated with frequent downtime of critical technologies could be costing your company thousands of dollars. Management should also understand the importance of proactive IT departments that are committed to driving a productive company. If your IT department hasn't mentioned the potential cost savings and productivity benefits of cloud computing, that can be a clear red flag that they're operating on a reactive basis instead of a proactive one.

Modern business is dependent on technology, and a lack of availability and under-performance could significantly cut into your profits and ability to effectively compete. Critical technologies should never hinder your company and employees' performance. Technology should enable you to work effectively. 

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