Does My Business Need Antivirus Software?

Antivirus software is vital to protecting your organization against online threats. Not protecting your company can result in reputation damages, business interruption, lost revenue, legal liabilities or, at worst, business failure. However, with millions of new threats emerging every day, antivirus software alone may not provide adequate protection for your business.

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Common Types of Internet Security Threats

There are many threats to your organization's Internet security. Some of these threats are merely disruptive, while others are virulent and destructive. These security threats include:

  • Viruses — programs that self-replicate and spread copies of themselves over networked computers.
  • Worms — standalone programs that exploit security vulnerabilities in your network security to spread to other computers.
  • Ransomware — programs that restrict access to your computer and demand money to remove the restriction.
  • Spyware — software that gathers information about your organization without your consent.
  • Hackers — criminals who exploit vulnerabilities in your network security to gain unauthorized access to your computer systems.Does_my_business_need_ant-virus_software.jpg

Keeping Your Business Safe from Threats

There are numerous ways to protect your organization against online threats. Here are some suggestions.

Install Small Business Antivirus Software

Antivirus software prevents, detects and removes viruses and other malicious programs. Once installed, it must be updated regularly to provide effective protection against new and ongoing threats.

Educate Your Employees

Most online threats spread via employee-led activities such as opening infected email attachments, visiting infected websites and sharing infected files. Therefore, employees must be taught to follow best practices such as only downloading files from trusted sources, checking downloads for viruses and exercising caution when visiting unfamiliar websites. Training should also provide guidance on recognizing and handling unsolicited or suspicious emails. Phishing emails — emails designed to look like authentic communications from legitimate organizations — are a common way for criminals to target organizations.

Implement an Internet Use Policy

An Internet use policy is essential for the effective control and management of your employees' Internet use. A well-written policy should include information on the acceptable use of social networks; research reveals about one-third of small to medium-sized organizations have been infected by malicious programs propagated via social networks. It should also impose rules on the use of personally owned devices for work-related activities.

Use a Managed Network

managed network is a type of communication network that is operated, secured and managed in-house or by a third-party. It provides improved visibility into your network activity, automatic firmware and software updates, and proactive threat monitoring.

Multi-level security is crucial to helping you identify and eliminate online threats before they affect your organization. If you do not have the time or resources required to secure your organization, contact us for expert assistance.

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