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5 Steps You Should Take When Your IT Employee Quits

29 Jun 2015

For many business owners, Information Technology is the one part of the landscape that might spell confusion. And because of this, often times, companies choose to hire an in-house person to handle all of their IT needs. 

Like most things in business, it’s important to not get too comfortable relying on a single staff member to keep the tech aspects of your business afloat. Unfortunately, the average help desk IT position turns over every 6-12 months, so you may find yourself looking for a replacement more frequently than you'd like. 

If your IT employee quits or you just feel something in the air, don’t panic! Here are five steps you need to take so that things don’t fall off the rails.

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HIPAA Data Security Compliance: How To Get Started

26 Jun 2015

As the years pass, the importance of HIPAA data security compliance is continuing to grow. 

Many people don’t know where to get started when faced with securing their office, and understandably so. HIPAA security compliance can be rather confusing if you aren’t familiar with what needs to be done to protect your data. 

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HIPAA Final Rule: What's Changed and Where To Start?

22 Jun 2015

For healthcare organizations, HIPAA compliance is an important focal point of many day-to-day activities.

It’s not something that can ever be overlooked, yet many people in the industry are unfamiliar with how problematic these issues can actually be. Understanding the penalties of HIPAA non-compliance can help to encourage you and your staff in the right direction.

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6 Signs Your Medical Practice Needs a HIPAA Risk Analysis

19 Jun 2015

Running a medical practice can be quite a challenge. The amount of daily tasks that need to be completed in order to ensure that nothing falls off the rails can be head spinning, and this doesn’t even take into consideration the patients you’re serving. 

A big concern that always needs to be top of mind is HIPAA compliance, and a HIPAA risk analysis can help you understand where your office may be falling short. Many practices have never had a HIPPA risk analysis completed, but that’s not to say they aren’t prime candidates to have one done. 

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