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Common Pitfalls When Transitioning to Microsoft Office 365

13 May 2015

 For many of today’s business owners, improving productivity is a top priority. One of the most useful tools on the market for taking productivity to the next level is Microsoft Office 365. 

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Tackling IT Challenges with an EHR Implementation

08 May 2015

Technology has had an enormous impact on the healthcare industry over the course of the past decade. We live in an age where smartphones and tablets are commonplace, and paper is no doubt going the way of the dinosaur. When it comes to medical records, practices of the past are quickly disappearing. Today, focus is being placed on EHR (Electronic Health Records), and the benefits of making the transition away from paper documents are undeniable. 

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Top Three Mistakes That Lead to HIPAA Violations

05 May 2015

Today’s workforce is more mobile and flexible than ever, which can often mean increased productivity and a better work-life balance for your employees. However, use of personal electronic devices and allowing employees to work from home can easily lead to HIPAA violations, breaches of patient data, fines, potential legal action, and negative attention in the media.

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Top Criteria For Choosing the Right Cloud Computing Solution

30 Apr 2015

When cloud computing first came into the public spotlight, many people didn’t know what to think. Over the years, however, cloud technology has become more and more ingrained in how we utilize the web for both personal and professional reasons. From email to document storage, it seems as if nearly everyone turns to the cloud these days. But how do you know you’re choosing the right cloud computing solution?

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